Track Events 2018

Our Athletics Crew 2018!

The athletics team consists of all senior girls. It includes the fastest five girls from each class: 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th class.

Our 3rd class girls!

The events on the track day are relays and sprints. 

It starts with a parade around the track which the athletes always enjoy!

The girls ran their hearts out and put everything they learned in training into practice.
We had one team who dropped the baton and another team who came 3rd in the heats! But most of all we had lots of fun and memories to take home :)

It has been a pleasure to train these girls every Tuesday after school come rain or shine! 🌂⛅🌞
Training lasted over an hour and we started training just after Easter. We even trained during lunch-time the week before the competition! 

All the girls are fantastic athletes and should be very proud of themselves for giving it their all and competing at school level.

Well done and see you again next year! 😃🏃


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